Professor Xie Yi-chun


  • Review by Washington Post:“She possesses sound techniques and the extraordinary performance is impressive.”

    At 14, Xie Yi-chun won a full scholarship from Ministry of Education to study music in Austria as a certified child prodigy. At 18, she was unconditionally enrolled in NTNU’s Department of Music as the top string player in the nation. She was NTNU Orchestra’s concert master and went to perform in Austria with Prof. Lee Shu-de’s NTNU Chamber Orchestra. At 21, she was chosen concert master of the first Asian Youth Orchestra conducted by Yehudi Manuhin.

    When Xie graduated from NTNU in 1992, she went to Carnegie Mellon University to pursue a Master’s degree on a full scholarship. She learned from Andreas Cardenes, winner of International Tchaikovsky Competition and concert master/conductor of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Xie performed with Carnegie Mellon Symphony Orchestra and won first prize in the campus concerto competition. In 1995 she performed with Andreas Cardenes in Carnegie Hall. She was awarded a master’s degree in the same year and won another full scholarship for doctoral studies at University of Maryland. She learned from Daniel Heifetz and served as his teaching assistant. She was also concert master of Maryland University Symphony Orchestra. She won the first prize of Urich Hall concerto competition accompanied by Maryland University Symphony Orchestra. Beginning in 1997, she assumed the position of string section instructor of Washington Youth Symphony Orchestra and performed frequently. She got her Ph. D. degree in December, 1997.

    Ms. Xie returned to Taiwan in 1998 and became a faculty member of NTUE, teaching courses like violin and string education study. She was also the conductor of NTUE string orchestra. She performed in National Concert Hall and various local cultural centers and was the judge in many music competitions. A dedicated educator, Professor Xie has had numerous students who later became accomplished – many also got Ph. D. degrees – themselves and began to teach, too.

    In 2004, Professor Xie and her former students set up the Taipei 101 String Orchestra and toured the island. Its repertoire includes classical music, opera selections, Broadway, movies, pop and modern. The orchestra has recently been actively involved in charity concerts held by local Rotary Club.

    Professor Xie is currently a full-time professor of NTUE, conductor of NTUE string orchestra, and director/conductor of Taipei 101 String Orchestra.


    • Ph. D. in Music, University of Maryland


    • Violin
    • Chamber music
    • String music study
    • Orchestral music study
    • Suzuki Method

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